Newcastle Human Table Football

Funnier than farts and crazier than Jack Nicholson, human table football is the perfect way to entertain the chaps on Saturday afternoon! Suitable for any size of stag party, this hilarious event is one of our favourites.

Taking place on a sports field close to the centre of Newcastle, our human table football event can accommodate small groups in a single match or large parties in a nailbiting tournament! Attach the chaps to massive metal poles, and get them amped for the most frustrating footie experience they've ever had.

There's nothing like human table football to make you realise just how much you value the ability to move around! Until you've tried to put together a slick passing movement using only sideways jumps and flailing legs, you've never experienced the beautiful game in all its glory. Total Football this ain't, but total fun it most definitely is!

Your human table football match takes place in a portable, inflatable five a side court complete with soft walls, and foam covers for the poles.

The rules are simple. At least one hand has to be holding the pole at all times, or penalties are awarded and stern reprimands issued. Ooer missis!

Newcastle has always had a great relationship with the finest sport in the world. What better way to celebrate the connection than by making a mockery of it on your stag do? Awesome.

In a nutshell:

  • Pitch hire
  • Event marshals
  • Play one game or a tournament
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