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A go karting track.

Newcastle Combat Karts

Rev Your Engines: Stag Weekend Combat Karts Take Center Stage!

If you’re looking for the ultimate adrenaline-pumping experience for your stag weekend in Newcastle, look no further than combat Karts. Its like racing meets gaming, and trust me, it’s a total game-changer.

First things first, safety is key. You’ll kick off with a full safety briefing and a rundown of all the rules and features of the game. Don’t worry, they’ve got you covered with all the safety gear you need – think race suit, helmet, gloves, and even a balaclava to get that full-on racer look. Now onto the main event – the driving sessions. Strap yourselves in for not one, but two intense driving sessions. In Reading, you’ve got 12 minutes per session to show off your skills on the track, while in Newcastle, you’ll get a whopping 15 minutes per session. That’s plenty of time to unleash your inner speed demon and leave your mates eating dust.

Race to Victory: Stag Weekend Combat Karts Challenge!

But hold your horses, lads, because its not just about speed – its about strategy too. You’ll have practice laps to get a feel for the track and then its game on. Manoeuvre your kart like a pro, dodge obstacles, and out manoeuvre your mates as you battle it out for karting supremacy.

And here’s the best part – you don’t have to have the track all to yourselves. Its non-exclusive use, so you’ll be sharing the thrill with other stag groups and racing enthusiasts. Nothing like a bit of friendly competition to get the adrenaline pumping, am I right? 

So, round up lads, get your game faces on, and prepare for an epic showdown on the track. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a total newbie, combat karts guarantee a stag weekend to remember. Its fast, its furious, and its 

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