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Newcastle Battlezone Archery

Gather a bunch of red-blooded men in one place and it will get competitive. It's in our genetic makeup. So when you're planning a man event like a Newcastle stag weekend you really need something that involves a big fight. Something that scratches that itch but without anyone getting hurt. Something like Battlezone Archery will hit the spot. Charge into the war zone firing arrows at the enemy without taking his eye out. Rubber ends suck up the shock and leave you unharmed. You'll play a few different games that involve everything from attacking and defending to sprinting right across the field under a hail of arrows. It's exciting, funny and one hell of an ice breaker.

Professional events staff will be there to brief you, set the games up, provide safety gear and basically stop the whole thing turning into one big pile-up. The guys will keep track of scores, act as umpires, and declare the winning team at the end.

It wouldn't be a proper match without a couple of curved balls. Can you get back in the game without missing a beat when the unexpected happens and shit goes sideways? Battlefield Archery will test your skills, speed, nerve and team spirit.

The event venue is in Newcastle city centre so nice and convenient. It also means it won't cut into your weekend too much. As this is a Newcastle stag weekend, going out is bound to be top of your list but if you want to be able to say you did something awesome as well as got hammered round The Gate or Bigg Market, Battlezone Archery is the way to go.

In a nutshell:

  • Play combat archery games using modified arrows
  • Teams of 6
  • Fight it out for points in dodgeball and paintball-inspired games
  • Pain-free and mess-free
  • Event is 1 hour long and is run by professionals
  • Safety masks and guards are supplied
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Whats Included...
  • Battlezone Archery
  • Beer Goggle Football
  • Bar Crawl Babes
  • Two Nights Accommodation
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