Monte carlo Rally Driving

Fed up of Ferraris? Had it up to here with opulent hyper-yachts and big boys' toys? Mes amis, it's time to shift gear - literally. Welcome to the genius that is the 2CV rally!

The most fun you can have on a stag weekend in Monte Carlo (unless you win a million Euros at the casino, of course), a 2CV rally is like a breath of fresh air after all that high rolling. Strapped into classic Citroens, you'll jostle for pole position in the most hilarious motor race in Monaco!

With a maximum power of 35hp, the 2CV isn't what you'd call a racing machine. In its long and illustrious life, this stalwart of French motoring probably never saw 60mph, and you certainly won't get anywhere near those speeds today!

What the 2CV lacks in poke, handling and streamlining, it makes up for in style. Basically a deckchair shoehorned into a tin umbrella, it's one of the most fun driving experiences you can have. Squeeze into the driver's seat, adjust the volume on the removable radio (if it's still there!) and prepare to mosey.

2CV enthusiasts reckon driving one of these little beauties is a way of life. We agree. The teeny tiny car with the massive personality is a great way to spend the Saturday afternoon of your stag weekend. And if you get bored of puttering around, just roll down the top and haul the back seat out onto the beach. It's designed as a picnic bench, after all...

In a nutshell:

  • 2CV rally in Monte Carlo

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