Monte carlo Paintballing

Sir, yes sir! Paintball is the die-hard stag party classic that never gets old. In Monte Carlo, it's given a traditional outdoor treatment, with plenty of awesome game scenarios for the chaps to get their teeth into.

If you've ever crawled through virtual grass in Metal Gear Solid and wished you could upgrade to the real deal, unleashing painty death on the tree-covered slopes of the French Riviera is definitely the way to go. Buddy up into teams for a classic game of Capture the Flag, or split into smaller groups to battle it out guerrilla style. This being a stag party, there's also plenty of opportunity to chuck away the playbook and gang up on the man of the moment!

Nothing says "I love you, man" like a glass projectile filled with indelible paint. When he's least expecting it, single out the stag for special treatment. The first casualty of war might be innocence, but the last one is definitely your best buddy!

Great for hangover busting, easy on the wallet and perfectly tuned to a stag party afternoon, paintball is a guaranteed crowd pleaser from start to finish. Add it to your Monte Carlo trip, and satisfy everyone.

In a nutshell:

  • Equipment hire
  • Safety briefing and instruction
  • Upgrade to a full day
  • Option to add food

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