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Marrakech Guided Walk Through the Souks

A Marrakesh souk (market) is like a real-life version of the fancy dress shop from Mr Benn! You can find absolutely anything you want in the warrens of streets and stalls, and often you'll stumble across crazy items you never even knew existed.

Get the most from your Moroccan stag party with a guided tour of the souks. With a local leading you to the best spots, you'll experience Marrakesh at its liveliest and most colourful.

If you want to snag something special as a souvenir of the trip - maybe something awesome for the future Mrs - your guide can personalise your souk walk to take in the markets that sell the kind of thing you're looking for.

Arranging a souk tour with guides who approach you in the street is a risky business. Many of them work on commission, and only take you to the stalls that pay them for their referrals. We only work with guides we know, who are reputable and honest. They know the Marrakesh souks like the backs of their hands, and will take you to the best examples of whatever you want.

You can do the souks justice in half a day. Keep your eyes open and prepare to be amazed! Even if you're not up for shopping, this is an experience you need to have. With snake charmers, acrobats, dancers and jugglers wandering through the crowds, you'll feel like a proper explorer.

In a nutshell:

  • Stag party tour of the Marrakesh souks
  • Reputable guide
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