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Marbella Water Wipe Out

Coming to Marbella without a dip in the sea would be like beer without crisps, chips without fish - you get the picture! Why spend the Saturday afternoon of your sun-soaked stag do hiding in a theme pub, when you could be out having fun with your best buds in the water?

Water Wipe Out is an absolute stag do classic. Basically a floating obstacle course - think Kevin Costner's Waterworld crossed with Total Wipeout - it's a challenge fit for chaps who want to make the most of their stag do. Fight for supremacy as you attempt to cross floating bridges, tumble down bouncy slides and scramble over obstacles made all the tougher by the fact that they're bobbing around in the drink!

Water Wipe Out combines fresh air, aquatic action and good old fashioned team fun to bring the boys back from the dead. There'll be no whining about hangovers in the Marbella sun once you've conquered this obstacle course!

While it's a great cure for a hangover, Water Wipe Out is definitely not suitable for fellers who've had a couple already. Be safe and sensible, and you get to play with the Spanish chicas in Marbella's finest water park. Turn up under the influence, and you'll have to sit this one out.

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