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Marbella Water Jet Pack

Not even James Bond gets to do stuff as cool as this! Forget water skis, bungee jumps and all the other stag weekend adrenaline stunts. If you really want to scream like a bride on her wedding night, you need to strap into a jet pack.

Yes, chaps, we did say 'jet pack'. As in real life science fiction flying machines, attached to your back and operated by joystick style controls! Powered by a water and air hose and an insanely hefty 220bhp engine, your jet pack is capable of blasting you across the surface of the ocean at staggering speeds. You'll be the envy of every holidaymaker in Marbella as you go hurtling through the air with twin water jets flying out behind you!

Places for jet pack rides are extremely limited, so get your booking in quick! This is a great gift for your stag, and totally affordable. If everyone else in the group clubs together, you'll only have to chuck in a couple of Euros to get him up and flying for free.

There are plenty of stag weekend adrenaline activities a person can do around the world. There are even plenty of stag weekend adrenaline activities you can do in Marbella. But none come close to jet pack rides for sheer speed and exhilaration!

In a nutshell:

  • Between 6 and 12 people per group
  • 25 minutes exhilarating flight time per person
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