Marbella Vip Night

Every stag do should have a focus. You know, the kind of awesome evening that gets talked about for years to come. Whether that's on Friday or Saturday is up to you. But as best man, you know you've got to get it sorted!

Well, we've got some good news. You no longer have to worry about finding the best venue in Marbella for fellers who want to get their drink on, because we've found it for you! All you have to do to have an epic stag do is rock up, claim your roped-off VIP area and get on it. It's that simple.

We recommend sampling a couple of Marbella's bars and a restaurant (check out our tapas meal for a great start to the night) before moving on to your VIP stag session. Grab a beer or two, get some food in, and do a few shots. Then it's time for the big one!

Our VIP stag night puts you in one of Marbella's most popular bars, where you'll be treated to a reserved seating area. There are ropes to keep out the crowds, which means you get to invite whoever you want inside for a drink. Impress the ladies with your, er, private area, enjoy waiter service and rock it like you're the hottest thing in town. You're welcome!

In a nutshell:

  • VIP seating area in one of Marbella's most popular bars

Packages That Include This Activity:

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