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Marbella Cheeky Waitress

A stag weekend is all about living awesomely. So why would you settle for waitresses who keep their clothes on?

Book a cheeky waitress to serve dinner or drinks on your Marbella trip, and you'll add a fresh dimension of light-hearted erotic entertainment to the day! These beautiful girls can be added to pretty much any activity, package or location in which food and drinks are served. They're super-hot, super friendly and well versed in entertaining big groups of chaps on tour.

Scantily clad and full of fun, your cheeky waitress will lift spirits in the morning or get the boys going in the evening. She can serve breakfast in your accommodation, bring you drinks in a bar or dish out a meal at a restaurant.

The cheeky waitress is the perfect addition to a stag weekend in Marbella. Food is awesome already, but it's even better when it's served by a gorgeous girl wearing nearly no clothes! And while beer is brilliant, it's unbeatable when it comes courtesy of a busty beauty. In fact, there's no situation that can't be improved by the addition of a skimpy outfit and a lovely lady. The stag weekend add-on to end them all, cheeky waitresses are a no-brainer. Say yes, and make dinner epic.

In a nutshell:

  • Cheeky waitress to serve the chaps in a variety of stag weekend situations.
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