Marbella Buggy Adventure

Marbella is set in some of the most incredible terrain in Spain. Go explore it!

Take a fleet of dirt buggies out on a stag party adventure you'll never forget. Your group will power past idyllic villages, cruise through fields and groves, and conquer exciting trails that wind through woodlands or cut across riverbeds. Leave the bars and beaches of Marbella to the tourists for a couple of hours, and come back with selfies that will turn them green with envy.

No-one wants to spend their entire stag party in a strip club! Leave the nighttime stuff for sundown. Daytime is there so you can venture further afield than Marbella city centre. Discover the farms, national parks and gorges that hide just behind the Costa del Sol. Explore forests and foothills under the blazing Mediterranean sun.

Dirt buggies are the most epic mode of transport ever. You'll look like a bunch of total badasses as you race into the interior of the Andalusian region, kicking up massive plumes of dust and revving your engines. This isn't just a sightseeing trip, boys. It's a four-wheel-drive mission, an adrenaline adventure, and a chance to visit places most tourists don't even know exist. Are you up for it?

In a nutshell:

  • 2 hour buggy adventure
  • 3.5 hour trip is available at a small extra cost
  • All drivers must have a current driving licence
  • Please dress appropriately: your clothes will get muddy and wet
  • Please bring a change of clothes
  • Transfers required: please ask for details

Packages That Include This Activity:

Marbella Stag Do Ideas - Buggy Adventure
Off Road Madness

From £193.00 Per Person