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Manchester Nude Life Drawing

If your stag doesn't fancy a strip club, how about giving him a more refined look at the female form? Our classic life drawing class perfectly mixes culture and pleasure, getting you a pass from the Mrs to spend some quality time with a naked beauty! It's all in the name of art, and that makes it OK.

In a private studio in central Manchester, our gorgeous model awaits your attention! She's guaranteed to be between 20-something and 30-something, with nary a fake eyelash to spoil her all-natural beauty. Perfect in a girl-next-door kind of way, she's here to pose for your group of budding Van Goghs.

You'll get the pencils out under the expert tutelage of a real art teacher. Learn about perspective and shading, get the hang of quick sketches and recreate the female form in all its glory.

There's an added bonus to sorting erotic entertainment for the middle of the afternoon. Everyone's sober, which means you get more interaction with the lady in question. Dressed only in her birthday suit, this friendly and fun model will even help you judge the best sketches at the end of the session!

Even the most terrifying fiancee can't argue with an afternoon spent in the pursuit of fine art. Get your sketchbooks out and get involved!

In a nutshell:

  • Private studio in Manchester
  • Tutor
  • Art materials
  • Exclusive use of the venue
  • Why not stitch up the stag and make him be the life model, ask your stag planners for details.
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