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Manchester Lip Sync Battles

Rock the mic on your Manchester stag weekend...

Prep your pipes before you hit the bars, pubs and clubs of the North with a legendary session of Manchester Lip Sync Battles! First made famous on the late night show with Jimmy Fallon, this event sees your stag party take on the parts of Jimmy and his celebrity guests. Now it's your turn to take to the mic and rock one of your favourite songs whilst battling against your best mates. Perfect for pumping up the stag party spirit - and plenty of comedy moments, this activity will have all the lads ready for a large round in Manchester!

You don't need any singing experience or even a voice like an angel to take part. This is a stag night not a singing contest, lads! It won't be in front of an audience so give it your all and come away energised enough that you can party 'til the sun comes up! Sound like your kind of night? Give us the nod and we'll make it happen.

Your Manchester stag party won't just be having a sing-a-long!

When you arrive at the venue, you'll be welcomed by a friendly instructor. They'll give you a run down of what to expect from the session and get everyone warmed up. Choose a song and your group will learn both parts of the battle together. Once you've gotten the battle right, you'll split into two teams and practice the song. Wait! That isn't all, lads!

The instructor will break out some choreography for each team to do while they do their part of the battle. You'll get some practice time before the main event, but once it's time you've got to bring it! By the end of the session, your stag party will be thicker than thieves and high on adrenaline. Head for the bar and have a round of beers to celebrate.

In a nutshell:

  • Manchester Lip Sync Battles
  • Private, city centre venue
  • Professional instructor
  • Learn both parts of the battle with choreography
  • Allow 90 mins for this activity
  • Ask your stag party planner for further details
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