Manchester Hovercrafting

You've seen hovercrafting on TV and online, now try it on your Manchester stag party! Hovercrafting basics are covered, and then you get competitive with races. It's mad genius and it has to be tried. Leave Manchester's cobbles and canals behind for a few hours and fly across marsh, mud, grass, and water. Hovercrafts really shift when they get going. You'll be fist punching the air, cheering, and still buzzing when you get back to Manchester city centre.

Experience needed: zilch, zero, nada. That's what the instructors are for. The guys on site are right petrol heads and will get you all amped up for the challenge. Exciting, hilarious and so frustrating you'll want to scream! Hovercrafting will be the highlight of your Manchester stag party. Controlling one is a bit like trying to surf on a balloon. Cry laughing, and then feel your competitive side kick in and put the pedal to the metal. Sort of.

Perfect for a Manchester stag party, hovercrafting supplies a whacking great hit of adrenaline. Just what you need after a night down Deansgate Locks. Grab a crash helmet and give it some!

In a nutshell:

  • Hovercrafting near Manchester
  • Hovercraft races on fields, marshland and mud
  • No experience needed
  • Instructors
  • All equipment is provided
  • Helmets supplied

Packages That Include This Activity:

Manchester Stag Party Packages - Hovercrafts
Wild Waters

From £237.00 Per Person