Manchester DTV Shredder

The maddest, baddest driving activity for aManchester stag do! DTV shredder is sports driving on acid. Imagine what wouldhappen if you took a Segway, stuck tank treads on it, and added a little skateboardto the party. Imagine no more. It's actually happened and it's epic. Meaner andmore intense than Segways, Shredders can tear up all sorts of terrain. Put ateam of them through their paces on a site with fields and mud.

First, you've got to master the art ofcontrolling a DTV Shredder. Instructors will be on hand to show you the ropesand then give you advice and hints on handling through your helmets. That'sright, folks. Live remote instruction is a common thing now. It's genius andmeans you don't have to do wait for help. Lean left to go left, right to goright, and use the throttle to turn. Bitlike riding a jet ski. You'll be ripping it up in no time.

Get up, learn to ride, and tackle a trackthat will give you a whacking great buzz. You'll need to keep your focus tosmash the terrain, steer, and overcome the challenges. Who will get round thetrail first?

A change from the usual Manchester stag dodriving activities, DTV Shredder will blow your mind and give you one hell of aride!

In a nutshell:

  • DTV Shredder driving in Manchester
  • Segway meets tank meets skateboard
  • Activity site 30mins from the city
  • Off road trails with challenges
  • Instructors on site
  • Remote live instruction via driving helmets
  • Briefing
  • Equipment included
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Whats Included...
  • DTV Shredder
  • Bowling
  • 1 Night 4 Star Accommodation
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From £188.00 Per Person
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  • Dirt Buggies
  • DTV Shredder
  • Man v Food
  • One Night Accommodation
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From £224.00 Per Person
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