Manchester Dirt Buggies

Need Manchester stag do ideas for a proper speed demon? Have a look at dirt buggies. There's more to Manchester than cobbles, clubs, and football. They have some of the best driving activities in the North West. Dirt buggies are right up there with Rage buggies. These pimped up machines are manual, have proper car engines, and can do 35mph off road. Get into pairs and take them out. It would be rude not to.

Here's the deal: jump in the car or split the cost of a minibus and get yourselves over to a driving activity site that's only half an hour from Manchester. Once there, you'll be met by instructors who will hand out the driving helmets and get you all in dirt buggies. Find out how to control them and get tips on how to handle mud - you'll need them! This is dirty off road driving; you will get a right splattering.

Then it's time for the main event - the skills test. It's one of the messiest driving challenges you can get for a Manchester stag do. Yelp like a girl (you won't be able to help it!) when you hit a massive bump and the whole buggy takes off. We're not pulling your leg, this happens. Hope no one noticed, and then get your head back in the game for the next bit of the course.

Reckon you and your mate can get round in the fastest time?

In a nutshell:

  • Go off-roading in dirt buggies
  • Driving site located 30mins from Manchester
  • Instructors
  • Manual buggies can do 35mph
  • Test your skills on a muddy, bumpy course

Packages That Include This Activity:

Manchester Stag Party Packages - Dirt Buggies and DTV Shredder
Down n Dirty

From £223.00 Per Person