Manchester Bierkeller

Oompah, oompah, what's that sound? It's the noise of your stag weekend cranking up the party quota! Forget dodgy theme bars and random venues. If you want a classic night out in Manchester, you head for the Bierkeller.

This legendary venue is a massive hit with locals and hens. Decked out like a traditional Bavarian beer hall, it heaves with party animals on Friday and Saturday nights. Long tables, wooden benches and an actual oompah band get the atmosphere just right. And with a free beer for each chap, we guarantee a rocking good time!

For those who have never been before, an oompah band is the normal accompaniment for Bavarian style drinking. Named for their brass instruments, which are played in the oompah-pah rhythm, it's usually a collection of old beery blokes in leather shorts. They belt out all the classics - Snow Waltz, In the Green Forest...

Wait - what? If you've never heard of these Tyrolean staples, never fear! The house oompah band at Manchester's Bierkeller doesn't play by the rules at all. Instead of ancient German ditties, you'll get full on oompah versions of classic choons! Ready to hear "Killing in the Name Of" done on a tuba? Of course you are!

For maximum blowout points, the Bierkeller is the choice of champions. You need this in your stag weekend!

In a nutshell:

  • Entry included
  • Reserved seating
  • 1 stein of beer each
  • 1 bottle of beer each
  • 1 shot each

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