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Manchester Beer Goggle Football

Beer goggle football is like watching drunk people play the beautiful game. Or what Man City used to be like before they got rich, signed a bunch of amazing players and went from scruffy Maine Road to swanky Etihad. But this is no spectator sport. Get out of the stands and on the pitch. You're up! For one hour, you and your mates will play all sorts of games and quite literally smash classic challenges like cone drills and penalty shots. If you want something dead funny for a football fan's Manchester stag do, beer goggle football will do it.

The games are really just a vehicle for the really good stuff: you lot stumbling around the pitch, falling over nothing and letting the ball roll through your legs. It will be the most pathetic attempt at playing football ever but it will also have you all in stitches. The team photo will be pure gold. Best lineup ever!

You'll be a dream team. One of those really weird anxiety dreams professional footballers probably have before a big game. Beer goggle football is pretty trippy but that's what makes it so good for a stag. There's no way you can take anything - including yourself - seriously when you've got drinking goggles on.

Guaranteed to be one of the top highlights of a Manchester stag do, this is our new favourite hangover activity. Get on the pitch and play. Badly.

In a nutshell:

  • Beer goggle football activity in Manchester
  • Personal event coordinator to run the games
  • Activity lasts 1 hour
  • Pitch hire
  • Equipment is provided
  • Bottle of bubbly
  • Big team photo
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