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Malta VIP Night

Fed up of trying to organise all the different bits of a massive stag party? Don't worry. We've got one epic night-time package all ready to go, which covers every base under the Maltese sun!

We asked ourselves what a chap needs for a really successful stag party, then put all the different bits together to make one sensational night out! You'll get a reserved area in a bar in Paceville (that's where everyone on Malta goes on Friday and Saturday nights) - or a whole reserved venue if there are enough of you. All the drinks are free, there's a delicious buffet to keep you from falling over and a DJ belting out the latest choons. What more could you want?

Funny you should ask! You can add tons of extras to your private stag party: strippers, a limo transfer, karaoke... You say the word, and we'll make it happen.

This really is a one-stop wonder for the best stag night of all time. Just think - you're the centre of attention with your Veep area in one of Malta's most popular bars. Anything you want, all night long, is yours for the taking. Drinks, nosh, even a hilarious stag kit for the man himself.

Best men, this is like taking everything you were supposed to do and getting us to do it for you. Only you take the credit, and you get to join in the fun too. You're welcome...

In a nutshell:

  • Private party in Malta's biggest nightlife area
  • DJ
  • Stag kit
  • Finger food
  • Open bar
  • Personalised cake (for groups of more than 20)
  • Tons of available extras (ask your stag party co ordinator)
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