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Malta Party Boat

What's the point in going on an island-based stag party if you don't take advantage of all that coastline? Hop aboard Malta's most awesome floating night out for an experience you could only have in a place where sun and sea are guaranteed...

This boat party takes place aboard a long, graceful sailing boat, whose retro lines are the perfect backdrop for an evening of shape-throwing on the ocean waves! A top local DJ spins the latest summer tunes, the soundsystem rivals that of a land-based club, and there's a well-stocked bar to keep the boys happy too. Oh, and if you're lucky there'll be plenty of happy hens getting down on the dancefloor. Amazing!

As your party boat sets sail, and the DJ warms up with a few chilled dance tracks, the only question is which view to admire first... Do you check out the honeys on the dance floor, or the spectacular coastline of Malta gliding past the port deck?

Reach for the skies as the sun goes down and the tunes begin stepping up the pace. Toast the stag and show the local ladies how a drunk dad moves. Whether it's your first stag party or the last in a long line of best buds getting married off, this boat party is a cut above the average.

In a nutshell:

  • Boat party, Malta style
  • Fully stocked bar
  • DJ
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