Malaga Airport Transfers

The trick to saving time and getting the best deal on airport transfers is to book before you fly over to Malaga for your stag weekend. That's where we can help.

If you don't want to take a website's word for it, get us to book your transfers through a company we know, trust and use on a regular basis. Fly over to Malaga Airport, collect your bags and then head to Arrivals, where a driver will be waiting for your group. He'll take the most direct route to your accommodation and then pick you up again on the last day.

Private, pre-booked airport transfers are particularly good for a stag party visiting Malaga, as you get to your accommodation faster than the bus or train. No wandering around trying to find the right stop or platform, messing about buying tickets and being jostled around by the general public!

Nor will you have the fuss and bother of making your way from María Zambrano station or the bus stop to your accommodation. All of these things simply add extra travel time, which is bad news if you're only in Malaga for a few days.

Get in, check in and start discovering Malaga's plazas, Moorish and Roman attractions, late licence pubs and rooftop bars in record time!

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