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London Paintballing

Thought London only had indoor paintballing? Think again! The nation's capital is actually one of the greenest towns in the country, and that means plenty of parks, woodland areas and natural cover for simulated warfare of the outside variety.

We love the attention to detail that's gone into this site. Your stag party will be fighting in the deep woods, with 100 paintballs each and plenty of fresh games to get their teeth into.

Ever seen the paintballing episode of classic Brit sitcom Spaced? This is just like that. Only instead of smug city boys and struggling comic book artists, you'll be fighting each other. Split the stag party into colour coded groups, camo up and get ready for war!

London's top paintballing site is staffed by awesome game marshals, who know just how to get your spirits up and keep them there! Even if you turn up with a hangover so big it registers on the Richter Scale, you'll soon get in the mood for charging around the woods with an automatic marker.

Run through some of the best-known games on the paintball circuit, including flag capture and bunker attacks. But whatever you do, be prepared to drop everything at the drop of a hat and gang up on the stag!

In a nutshell:

  • 100 paintballs each
  • Camo gear
  • Semiautomatic markers
  • Changing facilities including showers
  • Snacks available
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