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London Its a Knockout

It's the original, it's the best, and it's in London every summer! We own the costumes, props and games from the BBC's classic TV show It's a Knockout, and we put them to good use every Saturday by letting you lot loose in a park with them!

There's no better way to spend the Saturday afternoon of a stag party. While other chaps are still in bed, whining about their fun-induced headaches, you lot will be enjoying the fresh air and the views in a London park. Oh, and dressing up as massive penguins before Sumoing the living bejesus out of each other. Gimme an a, gimme a w, gimme an e. What does it spell? Awesome.

Our It's a Knockout contest is seriously popular, so if you want to get your stag party involved make sure you move fast! All you need to do to secure a place is come up with a team name and throw down a deposit for your weekend. That's it. Just one payment of £50 and you've got the whole thing sewn up, including your legendary Saturday afternoon!

Did we mention there are usually multiple hen parties taking part? Chaps, this is your opportunity to get foamed up with a massive bunch of lovely ladies who are out for a good time. Can you beat the girls up the Slippery Slope?

As if you needed any more encouragement, the winning team even gets a bottle of cheap prosecco. Cheers!

In a nutshell:

  • Original props and costumes from BBC show It's a Knockout
  • Limited spaces available
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Packages That Include This Activity

Knockout Party
Whats Included...
  • Its a Knockout
  • 2 Course Meal and Drink
  • VIP Lap Dancing
  • One Night Accommodation
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From £172.00 Per Person
we are good to go, visit England
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