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London Clay Pigeon Shooting

Rack another round into the chamber, and prepare to experiencethe most fun you can have in London! Come and try your hand at a real countrysport, just a short distance away from the big city.

By night, the biggest metropolis in the UK is all aboutpartying. During the day, you're spoiled for stag do choice. What are you goingto do? Battle the Tube, and traipse around overcrowded monuments all afternoon?Hell no. All you need to get through the afternoon is a pair of ear defendersand a massive gun.

Clay pigeon shooting isn't just the most daytime fun a personcan have in London - it's some of the best fun you can have anywhere! Adramatic combination of skill, quick reflexes and man-satisfyingly loud explosions,this is the ancient art of destruction as you've never seen it before.

You'll be treated to a number of different shooting styles, asyour group moves between stands and traps designed to introduce you to thesport then test you to your limits! Track a fast moving ground shot, or predictthe arc of a rising clay before taking it out with extreme prejudice. You'll befist-bumping and yelling with glee for hours!

No stag do is complete without a classic afternoon activity. Thebest ones are something the group hasn't tried before, which give every chap anequal chance to shine. Oh, and dressing up doesn't hurt either. Get your tweedson and repair to the park for a spiffing afternoon!

In a nutshell:

  • Clays andguns
  • Shells
  • Personaltuition
  • Takes place at sites in Essex or near Brighton
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