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London Cigar Tasting

Puffs Before the Tux

If you’re seeking an epic twist to your upcoming stag do in the heart of London, consider a classy and cultured affair: a cigar tasting. Dive into the sophisticated world of premium cigars and immerse yourself in a session of rich aromas, flavour profiles, and tobacco tales. Upon arrival at your exclusive London venue, each stag will be presented with a premium cigar, handpicked to ensure an unparalleled smoking experience. As you revel in the camaraderie of your closest mates, you’ll each be handed a drink of choice to complement your smoke, elevating the sensory indulgence.

But this isn’t just about indulgence; it’s an education. As you prepare to light up, using the provided cutters, lighters, and matches, you’ll be guided through the proper technique to truly appreciate the cigar. The venue ensures your experience is seamless, supplying each table with ash trays, ensuring you can relax and focus on the experience.

Blends & Best Men: A Cigar-Tasting Weekend

While the gentle swirls of smoke rise, you’ll be handed an informative booklet, detailing the nuances of selected cigar. A professional will work through an engaging session on tobacco, delving into its history, significance, the renowned regions where the finest tobacco leaves are nurtured. To the uninitiated, all cigars may seem alike, but this session will enlighten you on the subtle differences, the art of cigar-making, and the heritage of brands. It’s a journey from the soils of tobacco plantations to the crafted product you hold between your fingers.

This stag do promises intimate moments of bonding, tales of old, and new memories crafted amidst the evocative aromas of premium cigars. Just note, depending on the venue’s availability, minimum spends might apple. For those stags who fancy a touch of opulence, this cigar tasting experience in London is not just an activity, it’s an epic adventure.

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