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London Battlezone Archery

Can't choose between archery, dodgeball and paintball? Now you don't have to make that call. Do Battlezone Archery and get the best bits of all three activities rolled into one awesome event. Split into teams and play a bunch of games armed with a bow and arrow that has a rubber head so no one is hurt. Safety masks protect your faces. Defend your bouncy bunker, stop the enemy from hitting your cones, and terminate them! You used to have to actually go beyond the M25 for this but now you can do it on a London stag weekend.

This is a properly organised event that lasts around one hour. Event coordinators will be on hand to get you into teams, start and finish the games, keep score and basically ensure the whole thing doesn't descend into total carnage. Sort of.

It's six to a team. Your mission is to win the match. There are five games to a match so you'll need to keep your head in it to win it. There are a couple of ways you can win the Battlezone Archery game: shoot all the players on the other team or take their cones out of the game. As for the others, well, you know how to play Capture the Flag, right?

Some stuff is standard for a London stag weekend. Soho, Shoreditch, strip club, couple of pints in Camden, gig at Plan B in Brixton. But this is your bro's sendoff, remember? Standard won't cut it. You need a showstopper. This is it.

In a nutshell:

  • 1 hour of Battlezone Archery
  • Archery crossed with paintball and dodgeball
  • Teams compete using bows and arrows with rubber heads
  • Aim is to win a match of 5 games
  • Organised event run by accredited instructors
  • All equipment and safety gear is provided
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