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Liverpool Vodka Tasting

Ah, vodka! It's been keeping the Russians alive for centuries. Find out why with a vodka tasting stag do in Liverpool. Come with us to a city centre bar for a fun masterclass with an entertaining buff. Did the Russians really invent vodka? What's the difference between rocket fuel and primo quality stuff? Find out with a session that includes a 6-shot blind taste challenge!

We'll arrange for you to go vodka tasting at a Liverpool city centre bar that stocks everything from flavoured to premium label vodkas from around the world. Break the ice by confessing the worst thing you've done when drunk on vodka, learn how to make a vodka cocktail and hear all sorts of crazy vodka facts.

Fire up your spidey senses for the blind vodka tasting! Have you been paying attention? Now's the time to put your newfound tasting skills and knowledge into action. Who can correctly match 6 different vodkas to their tasting notes? The loser gets a mystery booby prize and has to do a walk of shame round Concert Square later!

A refreshing change from stuffy tasting classes run by pretentious connoisseurs, this is geared towards hen and stag parties. No one will care if you can't tell one vodka from another but you'll have a grand old time trying.

In a nutshell:

  • Vodka tasting with an expert
  • Liverpool city centre bar
  • Ice breakers
  • 6-shot blind taste test
  • Booby prize
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