Liverpool Man v Food

Have you got the guts for Liverpool's biggest eating contest? Find out with Stag v Food, the funniest challenge a man can face. You're staring at a burger bigger than your head, the crowd's cheering and your mates are taking bets on the outcome. Stay focused, eat through the wall, and claim your spot on the hall of fame scoreboard.

Liverpudlians love their Scouse, but we've got something far meatier and mightier for you than beef stew with bits of veg and potato. Stags brave enough to step up and accept the challenge will face a mountain of carbs, cheese and succulent meat smothered in sauce. All of which sounds pretty tasty, until you're halfway through with only 10 minutes on the clock!

Keep the whole thing a secret and stitch up the stag or get everyone on the stag do involved in one big Stag v Food scoff-off! Picture the scene: you lot filling your faces with towering burgers as the rest of the bar looks on in wonder. Last one to finish has to eat dessert. Bleurgh.

Forget balls of steel and bungee jumps, if you want an epic challenge that requires real dedication, Stag v Food is the way to go.

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Whiskey Experience
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  • Whisky Tasting
  • Man v Food
  • 1 Night Accommodation
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