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Liverpool Dirt Buggies

You drive a car every day. It's time totackle something dirtier! Ideal for a Liverpool stag do, dirt buggies releasethe animal within. Flip the bird to road rules and speed limits, and gooff-roading in a buggy with chunky tyres that eat mud, bumps, and corners forbreakfast. These buggies have actual car engines, manual gearboxes, and dospeeds of around 35mph. You'll also get the chance to pair up and hit the trackin the Vigilante buggy. It's every bit as awesome as it sounds. This just hasto be done!

Laugh like maniacs as you smash the hellout of a muddy course near Liverpool. The site is only half an hour from thecity, so you can get your kicks without wasting loads of time travelling. Theinstructors will show you how to control dirt buggies and then let you allloose on a 750m track. It's a right bone-rattler, with plenty of bumps andstrategically placed tyre stacks. You will leave the ground!

Things can get pretty competitive when abunch of guys get in dirt buggies. Liverpool stag do activities don't get muchfaster, dirtier or meaner than this. Reckon you can take it? Then let's go!

In a nutshell:

  • Dirt buggies stag do activity
  • Off road driving site near Liverpool
  • Dirt buggies have car engines and manualgears
  • Do speeds of around 35mph
  • Put your skills to the test on a 750m offroad track
  • Instruction
  • Track briefing
  • Tips from marshals
  • Equipment supplied
  • Bring old clothes
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