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Liverpool Beer Goggle Football

Could drunk you score goals?

Doing stuff is really difficult when your brain thinks you're drunk. Making a cup of tea is hard enough but actually playing football? That's in a whole different league! And your team is about to get promoted to the Premiership. Do beer goggle football for the Liverpool stag and get on board with the craze that's spreading faster than a Paul Pogba meme. Ten men in bibs and goggles that mess with your vision big time is a recipe for the funniest fails known to football. Tackle...tragically. Pass to the wall you thought was your mate. Trip over the ball. Twice. In quick succession.

This is more than just a game. Your coordinator will get you all doing drills and taking penalty kicks. Show off your incredible 'skills' and crease up laughing as you do dumbass stuff like fall sideways for no reason whatsoever. After an hour, your cheeks will ache from laughing and you'll be begging for mercy. It's utterly brilliant and you get a bottle of bubbly and a team photo after the game.

You will not carry the Liverpool standard. Even greats like Steven Gerrard and Ron Yeats would have a spot of bother with this one. Fortunately, this isn't Anfield. It's your bro's Liverpool stag party and this is just you lot arsing about and having a bit of fun with the beautiful game.

It will be devastating football. Literally!

In a nutshell:

  • Beer goggle football activity
  • Play games and do drills
  • 10 goggles are provided
  • Equipment is supplied
  • Coordinator
  • Bottle of bubbly
  • Photo
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