Lisbon Paintballing

You can't have a stag party without going paintballing - that would be like having a stag party breakfast without someone having to go throw up halfway through the meal! In Lisbon, you can play on one of the best paintball fields in Portugal. And with all the latest kit at your disposal, you'll be finding new ways to waste your best buddy before he can finish quoting Full Metal Jacket.

Some paintball centres make you dress up like extras from a low-budget commando movie (or Simon Pegg in Spaced). Not here! In Lisbon, your stag party will be kitted out with the finest paintballing coveralls known to man. Brightly coloured in wild urban camo, and with a face mask that looks like the Predator, you'll feel like the biggest badass in the history of stag parties.

Unfortunately, the bright colours and space-age face mask have absolutely no camouflage properties whatsoever. You're dressed in purple, silver and red hexagons with graffiti and sponsors splashed all over your torso, and you're standing on a massive field of green grass. Oops. With nowhere to hide, chaps, you've got no option but to unleash everything you've got in the clip, and make a dash for freedom!

Featuring planned games and plenty of opportunities to destroy the groom, this is stag party paintball at its best. Lock and load, soldier.

In a nutshell:

  • Stag party paintball in Lisbon
  • 200 balls
  • Markers, face masks, CO2 canisters
  • Game marshal
  • Planned missions
  • English-speaking instructor
  • Surprise prizes for the winning team
  • 2 hours (can be longer if requested)

Packages That Include This Activity:

Lisbon Stag Party Packages - Battlefield

From £149.00 Per Person