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Why settle for one stripper, when you could have two? That's the theory behind our lesbian strip show, and we reckon it's a pretty good one!

Come on now, chaps. You're going on a stag do in Lisbon! This is hardly the time for doing things by halves. Club together with the boys, and get the groom a final nudie surprise. He'll be so grateful he can hardly speak, when he sees what these two hotties are going to do to each other.

There are some parts of a stag do that are strictly for the boys who are there. If you didn't come along, or if you're a partner back home, you don't deserve or need to know what happens when these two lovely ladies start shedding their clothes! Keep this one on the down low. It's something for the crew to remember when they're old and grey.

It's not every day you get to go to Lisbon with a free pass. So make the most of it! We use a tried and trusted stripper agency, which supplies only beautiful girls whose natural assets are enough to make a grown man cry.

Need we say more? This is the strip show that does exactly what it says on the tin. And boy, does it say a lot!

In a nutshell:

  • Stag do strip show in Lisbon
  • Lesbian show

Packages That Include This Activity:

Lisbon Stag Party Packages - Ultimate Boob Show
Exotic and Erotic

From £225.00 Per Person

Lisbon Stag Party Packages - Lesbian Show
Girl on Girl

From £190.00 Per Person