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Stag party with girls do Jagermeister shots in a bar.  Discover the Lincoln VIP Bar and Drinks stag party experience:

Lincoln VIP Bar and Drinks

Send the stag off in style in Lincoln!

If you want more than just a bog standard night of pubbing and clubbing for the big lad's final stand, we've got your back! Our Lincoln VIP Bar and Drinks is just the thing to kickstart the stag party spirit on the groom's final fling before the ring. Sure, you could just party with the rest of the general population while you wave goodbye tot he single life, but why would you? If there was ever a time to make like a playboy, this is it!

Your stag party is only in Lincoln for a few short days or even worse 24 hours, you've got to make every second count. You don't want to be left waiting in the queue for ages when you could be quaffing shots at the bar and throwing shapes on the dance floor with beauties! Make sure you rock every single moment of the stag's single life send off with our prearranged VIP bar entry and drinks.

Lincoln stag night done right...

We're not saying you should plan your entire night of partying out, but you should plan how to get it started off on the right foot and this will definitely do that for you. We'll make sure you're not left standing out in the cold with the rest of the people trying to get in, and you won't hear the dreaded 'not tonight, lads'. Instead, you'll walk up to the velvet rope, give the doorman your names and glide in like you own the place.

Once inside, the staff will show your stag party to your reserved area of the bar. It's up to you who you let in on your big night out! To get the party started we've also included not one drink each but three! Quaff some shots, light up the lager and say a toast to the groom's upcoming nuptials.

In a nutshell:

  • Lincoln VIP Bar and Drinks
  • Popular city centre venue
  • Guest list entry & queue jumping privileges
  • Reserved area for your stag party
  • 3x drinks each:
    • 1 wild shot
    • 1 bottle of either Corona or Fosters Gold
    • 1 vodka & Redbull (single)
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we are good to go, visit England
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