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Bunch of lads hooked to an oversized, blowup foosball table. Discover the Lincoln Human Table Football stag party experience:

Lincoln Human Table Football

Pub games hit the pitch on your Lincoln stag weekend...

Need inspiration on how to keep all the lads on your final fling before the ring entertained, whilst bonding them before the groom's big day? Lincoln Human Table Football is the event you've been looking for! Created with stag parties in mind, this hilarious activity is perfect if you need to break the ice, blow away the cobwebs and settle old scores. The pub will always be there when you get back and we can guarantee after a session on this you'll need a pint!

Human table football is ideal for everyone in your stag party from your uni mates and school mates to your uncle. You don't have to be really fit to take part, just have a sense of humour and a drive to smash the opposition! This is a stag weekend after all, nothing like a little friendly competition to get the party spirit pumping.

Come together, literally, on your stag do in Lincoln!

Here's how it works: we'll have our giant inflatable human football table set up in a field a short distance from the city centre. Arrive with your stag party, split up into two teams and get ready for some madness. Our event coordinators will be on site to take you through a safety briefing and to explain the rules of the game.

Each team will take their places behind life-sized football poles in the inflatable arena. You'll be attached to these poles and will only be able to move side to side. How will your team fare when even the most skilled football players on your team can't seem to manage to keep control of the ball when they're attached to everyone else? Laugh as there are plenty of thrills and spills, then head back to the city for a round of celebratory drinks!

In a nutshell:

  • Lincoln Human Table Football
  • Short drive from the city centre
  • Everyone welcome
  • Event coordinators
  • Equipment & pitch hire included
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