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Burger on a board with chips and a pint. Explore the Lincoln Burger and 2 Beers option for your stag party:

Lincoln Burger and 2 Beers

Feed your stag party right in Lincoln!

You can expect the lads to go the distance on a stag night without having something to eat before you hit the bars and clubs. It's just common sense mate. If you don't want the guys begging off early because they've gotten drunk too quick, but you don't want a massive sit down dinner a Lincoln Burger and 2 Beers dinner is the way forward. We'll set it up, you turn up and tuck in. It's that simple!

We know that getting all the lads to agree on somewhere to eat, how much to spend and when to go can be a total nightmare. That isn't to mention splitting the bill when people have had a load of pints, collecting money on the night and trying to get it all settled. When you choose this for your stag night meal, it's paid for in advance, leaving you stress-free on the actual night. Easy, right?

Line those stomachs before a Lincoln stag night...

No matter what kind of guys you have on your stag weekend, we've got a stack for 'em. We're talking juicy beef burgers, delicious chicken burgers and even tasty veggies burgers. We've paired up with a Walkabout right in the heart of the city. One of the places the students love to come for a drink because the deals are always ripe for the taking!

Feed 'em up before you hit the road, or make Walkabout your first stop on your final fling before the ring. We've included two pints in your stag night meal, so you'll be well on your way to a tipsy night after you've noshed the lot. At least after a dinner this hearty, no one will leave like a bunch of OAPs. Keep them partying 'til the lights come on in the club on the groom's single life send off!

In a nutshell:

  • Lincoln Burger and 2 Beers
  • 2x pints of lager each
  • Choose between chicken, beef or veggie burgers
  • Walkabout
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