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Leeds Whisky Tasting

Put a fascinating spin on an afternoon in the pub with a whisky tasting session! Featuring six whole free shots each, plus a cocktail to start, this is one stag weekend activity that's guaranteed to make you happy.

The format is a simple stroke of genius. While you lot revive yourselves with a classic whisky cocktail, and are encouraged to banter about the stupidest things you ever did with whiskies and bourbons, a private bartender will prepare your shots.

Split into two three-glass taste tests, the game is to see if you can identify each one using clues from her lectures. You'll learn interesting stuff about whisky distillation and blending, as well as a ton of folklore. Discover the Celtic history of the drink, and find out why some whiskies have an e in the name and some don't.

Taking place in a bar in the centre of Leeds, your whisky tasting competition is guaranteed to get the boys feeling fine no matter what the weather's like! Who will spot the quality malts from the blends, and who'll be awarded the booby prize?

In a nutshell:

  • Stag weekend whisky tasting contest
  • Bar in central Leeds
  • Six whiskies each
  • Free cocktail
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Packages That Include This Activity

Whiskey Experience
Whats Included...
  • Whisky Tasting
  • Night Club and Lap Dancing
  • One Night Accommodation
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