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Leeds Tapas Meal

Fancy an alternative to the usual stag party pub fodder? Say no to burgers. It's time to try something awesome!

There aren't many UK cities that can say they've got a primo tapas bar, but Leeds is one of them! Find out how the Spanish eat, with the biggest and best selection of spicy delights in the whole of West Yorkshire.

Tapas is an awesome choice for a stag party meal. Instead of everyone picking a dish and sticking with it, you get a heaving table full of taster courses, into which the chaps can dive as they please. There's a bit of everything involved, from massive king prawns cooked in garlic to the legendary patatas bravas. Can you handle the heat?

Heavy on seafood, vegetables and delicious Spanish chorizo, tapas typically contains the intense flavours of the Mediterranean. You'll find lots of paprika, lemon, olive and chili, plus plenty of garlic. Spanish omelette (or tortilla) is usually on the menu, too: a thick, delicious version of the popular egg dish including tomatoes and spied potatoes.

Unlike other stag party meals, which can get a bit too heavy for the after-dinner beers, tapas is something you can eat while you drink. Have a beer, grab a little plate of olives and cheese. Have another beer, scoff some patatas bravas. It's all good.

Perfect for mingling, and delicious as all heck, tapas is a brilliant stag alternative. Make the most of your time in Leeds, and eat differently!

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