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Leeds Electric Shock Football

Bring the pain!

Electric shock football is the craze that has literally sentshockwaves round the stag circuit. If you're stuck for Leeds stag do ideas andneed something that will blow the boys away and make them laugh, this eventwill deliver the goods. Get on the pitch and experience one hour of thefunniest football antics ever. For each game, two of you will be offside withbuzzers that deliver little shocks. Everyone else will be on the pitch, wearingtags that connect to the buzzers. You can see where this is going, right?

Your event coordinator will take control of the situation(sort of!), and make sure no one hogs the buzzers for the entire hour. You'llplay a few different games, laugh till your cheeks hurt, and find out who isthe real hard case of the group. What are you gonna do when the buzzer shocksyou? Manfully suck it up and try not to flinch or flap your arms and yelp likea Yorkshire terrier?

You're in the home of Leeds United and the mighty EllandRoad. This calls for more than just a stadium tour. A kickabout is fine for theaverage Saturday but this is a Leeds stag do. You need that magic ingredientthat'll make it Leeds!

In a nutshell:

  • Electric shock football event with variation games
  • Strictly 18+
  • Instructor/coordinator
  • Equipment is provided
  • Everyone gets a turn on the pitch and with the buzzer
  • Big group photo
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