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Leeds Beer Goggle Football

Question: how do you prepare for a Leeds stag night? Answer: beer goggle football! Before you take to the streets with a bunch of other drunk people chanting 'Marching on Together' you might want to play the beautiful game to get in the mood. As this is a stag and nothing is simple, normal or sane, you lot will be playing in glasses. Special ones that turn footballing legends into shambling wrecks.

If you're not doing owt, get t'Leeds for beer goggle football. We'll book the venue, sort the gear and get a coordinator to come and run the whole event for you. When you get there, you'll be issued with a pair of goggles and given a little time to bumble around before the games begin. Obviously the stag gets stitched up before you start. Photos. Video. All over social media. You know how this works. It's a stag. He has to be humiliated good and proper!

When everyone's in goggles, it's time to get started. What will you do if you get the ball? Will you be able to focus long enough to kick it before some other space cadet trips up and sends it offside? The drills are always hella funny. If you can get round the cones without slipping, sliding or stacking it, we'll be stunned.

The whole thing will be amazing. When we say 'amazing' we don't mean it in the Messi sense. You will suck. Royally. But it will be beautiful!

In a nutshell:

  • Beer goggle football games and drills
  • 1 hour of play
  • Pitch or court hire
  • Coordinator to run your event
  • Bottle of bubbly
  • Photo
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