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Leeds Awesome Foursome

Got a hankering for some adrenaline-charged madness? Chaps, we present the ultimate activity for scaring the living poo out of yourselves! Welcome to the Awesome Foursome, an all-weather thrill experience that knocks the average stag party into a cocked hat.

Take on your fears and win at this epic adventure centre, just a 40 minute drive from Leeds city centre. The place is a massive reclaimed factory, which still has some of its original industrial machinery lying around to add to the atmosphere.

In any other stag party, just one of these activities would be enough to have you screaming for joy. All four make for an adventure you'll still be talking about when you're 70.

Start your afternoon with a butt-clenchingly amazing bungee. This jump is done in semi-darkness, from the top of an industrial crane. As you climb the steps to the platform, dry ice billows around you, strobes go off and huge screens replay the failures of the many who have bottled it before you!

Conquered the leap of faith? Next, try the zipwire! This high-speed bad boy shoots you across a massive old factory floor, with huge smelting pots whizzing past beneath you.

After that, it's the 150ft abseil - straight down, with no-one but yourself to blame if you haven't got the nuts to finish!

Finally, it's the Powerfan. This is for certified loonies only (i.e. all of you) and has to be tried at least once before you die! Leap into blackness, with no safety gear to hold you back - and feel the rush of relief when a blast of air catches you before you smash into the ground!

Reckon you've got the cojones? Show the chaps at this Leeds adventure centre how tough you are!

In a nutshell:

  • 4 insane adrenaline activities in one epic package
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Whats Included...
  • Awesome Foursome
  • One Night Accommodation
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