Leeds 3 Course Meal and Drink

This central Leeds restaurant has a secret recipe for stag party success - for every course of your sit down dinner, you get a free beer! At 3 courses, that means 3 beers. Get the party started in delicious style.

The beauty of drinking one beer per course is that you don't get wasted too early in the evening, but you don't get so full of food that you can't drink at all. Think of it as the ultimate in tactical noshing. Epic starter, pint of brew, monumental main, cool lager... you get the idea. When you're living it up in the Exchange Quarter, you'll be glad you took the time to eat properly.

For the location of this massive meal, we've picked a busy restaurant in central Leeds. It's close to the train station, so chaps who've come in late can even rock straight up without having to mess around.

Mind you, with 3 sensational courses under your belt, you're going to find it harder to move when you're done. And that's where the second stroke of stag party genius comes in. This place isn't just a popular restaurant: it's a restaurant built into an entertainment complex, full of bars and clubs! There are multiple dance floors to choose from, and you can work your way up to full party mode with a few cheeky cocktails at the theme bars.

In a nutshell:

  • 3 course meal
  • 3 free beers

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