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Ibiza Water Park

Sun's out, guns out! Get those vests and boardies rocking, slap on sunscreen and shades, and head to the place where the ladies go in Ibiza during daylight hours.

A stag do in Ibiza is like a permanent Spring Break. Everywhere you look, hot chicks are going mental, DJs are spinning the kind of tunes normally reserved for a night out, and party kids are having crazy fun in tiny swimming costumes.

When the constant clubbing gets a bit much for the boys, it's time to hit the water park. Here, beats and breaks are swapped for sun loungers and crazy water slides! There are still plenty of fitties wandering around with their bits barely covered, but instead of mad-for-it DJs you've got wide open chill spaces and huge, fun pools and water rides.

Chaps who want to rediscover their lost youth can get involved with high velocity tubes and helter skelters, while gents with partied-out heads get to recline in the shade and stare at ladies. The water park is the ultimate stag do all-rounder, and just what the fellers need after a night and early morning making merry with the Ibiza hardcore. Splash down for big fun.

From Only £33.00 per Person
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