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Hvar Wine Tasting

If you've never sampled Croatian wine before, that's because the sneaky Croats keep all the best stuff to themselves! Plavac Mali, the national grape, makes some of the finest wines in Europe, well-known to the aficionado but practically unheard-of down your local boozer.

The little blue Plavac Mali grape is the genius behind many of the vintages you'll sample on this epic stag weekend tasting tour. It's small, but packed full of flavour.

Hvar red is usually made from Plavac Mali, as are some of the most highly regarded Dalmatian wines. And you get to try the best vintages, in a traditional vineyard just a short ride from Hvar Town. You lucky, lucky people!

Our driver can pick you up from your accommodation, and will take you back at the end of the tasting. You don't have to worry about getting from A to B - just whether or not you've got enough Croatian Kuna left over to buy a dozen bottles of spicy red!

A clued-up English speaking guide will lead you through the vineyard's grape crushing, fermenting and bottling areas, explaining how the Plavac Mali grape makes its journey from vine to table. Along the way, you'll get to sample some of the greatest wines in Croatia. Deep blackberry and cherry aromas mix with notes of pepper, perfect with the fresh seafood dishes so popular with the locals.

Put some class into your stag weekend - and get a little drunk while you're doing it! The missus won't be able to say a word when you get home. After all, how much more refined can you get? Sampling world-renowned vino in a traditional winery - that'll do nicely.

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