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Hvar Airport Transfers

Why mess around trying to find your way from Split Airport to Hvar, when we can get you there in a jiffy? Pre book your airport transfers between Split Airport and the port, and you'll catch the catamaran to the island destination of Hvar in no time!

When it's time to drag your hungover heads out of bed and go home, our driver will be waiting at Split Port to take you back to the airport. No messing around looking for cabs when you make landfall, and no chance of missing the all-important flight back to Blighty. Sorted.

It's hard enough getting a group of chaps on a stag weekend to follow you from Arrivals to a bus stop, let alone asking them to locate a ferry-port in time to catch an onward boat transfer! Avoid all the hassles of landing in a strange country surrounded by overexcited lads, and do the smart thing instead.

Our airport transfer is reliable and friendly, and the price is guaranteed. No more haggling with cabbies or struggling to decipher bus timetables. You've got enough to organise on the stag weekend, without having to worry about what happens when your plane lands!

Take our transfers, and you'll be on board the fast cat while other stags are still ambling around the airport trying to work out where Hvar is. When they finally get their sh*t together, they'll be on the slow ferry instead. Losers.

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