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Glasgow Football Darts

Now known as the real place to have your Scottish stagweekend, this city is full of everything. With its amazing music vibe andstreets lined with bars and clubs, it's the right mix for you and the lads overthe weekend. For the human that created and combined two amazing activitiestogether, congratulations! This activity is ideal for the stag parties lookingfor a good laugh and for the mixture of lads who want different things. Ratherthan spending money on more activities to keep everyone quiet, have you thoughtabout Football Darts to keep everyone entertained?

This activity gives you chance to polish up your footieskills, but also a chance to get your aim sharpened up. What you see is whatyou get. There's a massive inflatable dart board, you'd think that would makehitting easier right? There's also Velcro balls galore, hilarious games andyour own event coordinator to keep an eye on the scores on the board for you.You won't need to do much with this activity, it's exactly what is says on thetin. But don't let this fool you. Getting the magic numbers isn't easy? Neitheris getting that Bulls Eye..Prepare to win lads, let's show the scots how toscore two sports in one go!

In a nutshell:

  • Football meets darts
  • Large inflatable dart board and velcro footballs
  • Event staff to keep the score
  • Group photo
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