Glasgow Electric Shock Football

Your bro's Glasgow stag weekend? It will be a right shocker. And that's a good thing! Think 5-a-side is a bit too tame for a stag in Scotland? We agree. That's why we're offering you the opportunity to experience something a bit stronger: electric shock football.

If shocking your mates while they're showing off on the pitch sounds like your idea of the best activity ever, this is the one for you. Yes it's legal (at the moment) and yes, you get to actually shock them with little gadgets. They do get to return the favour though, because you rotate after every game. Every player gets to be the megalomaniac manager with the buzzer at some point. The games and stuff like scoring is really only an excuse for the real fun: making players and ref dance!

You'll probably need a stiff drink after an hour of electric shock football. Fortunately, this is a Glasgow stag weekend so there's no shortage of boozers.

Come on! You know you have to do this, it's suitably bonkers and when else are you gonna get the chance to shock your friends?

In a nutshell:

  • Over 18s only!
  • Electric shock football and offshoot games
  • Shock players and ref
  • Everyone has a go with the buzzer
  • All the gear
  • Event organiser
  • Photo of your group

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