Glasgow Craft Beer Tasting

Glasgow has earned its great reputation as an alternative stag weekend destination! Get involved with a different kind of drinking session, as you explore the world of craft beer in a funky venue.

This awesome place combines informal decor with a great atmosphere, amazing food, and sensational beer. Oh, and it's also hooked up to both BT and Sky Sports. What more could you want from a pub?

Book a craft beer tasting session for any time between midday and 8pm, and you'll be treated to a two-hour experience that's guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds! Each feller in the group gets 6 beer tokens, to spend as he pleases on craft beers, guest ales, and ciders. One token will get you a schooner of beer or cider. That's equivalent to two-thirds of a pint—plenty to get a good taste of the beer, but not so much that you end up hammered at four in the afternoon. This is a stag do, after all, and you've got hours to go before you're allowed to go to bed...

Add a craft beer experience to your Glasgow stag weekend, and you also get the option to upgrade from bar snacks to burger and chips. Book at a lunch- or dinner-friendly hour, and you can combine brilliant beers and awesome ales with a full-on man-meal. Nice.

In a nutshell:

  • 2 hours
  • 6 beer tokens each
  • 1 token is redeemable for a schooner (two-thirds of a pint)
  • Expert guidance on your beer choices
  • Stick with deluxe bar snacks, or upgrade to a full burger meal
  • Sky and BT Sport
  • Reserved table or area
  • Book for any time between midday and 8pm

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