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Glasgow Beer Goggle Football

A Glasgow stag is the perfect excuse to do something stupid: like beer goggle football. It's way funnier than streaking across the pitch at Celtic Park and you won't get arrested for it. Put your names down for one solid hour of playing the beautiful game in glasses that make you look and feel like you've just downed a six pack of Tennent's lager in six minutes.

There will be football games and stuff you haven't got a prayer of doing but will have a brilliant time trying to nail. Like penalties and skills training. Your host will give you some time to bond with your goggles before you get stuck into the games. That's the funniest bit. It's like watching 10 Mr Beans on the pitch. Your legs will feel like they're made of jelly. Your balance will be way off. Kicking the ball will be a challenge in itself! Prepare to miss by a long shot and laugh instead of cry about it. That's the brilliant thing about this game; the worse you are the better it becomes.

Fumbles. Fails. Almighty fuck ups! Beer goggle football is the funnier than Kevin Bridges and Frankie Boyle put together. Create your own comedy moments, pose for the worst squad photo ever, and then cap it all off with a complimentary bottle of bubbly. That's the Saturday of your Glasgow stag weekend done.

In a nutshell:

  • 1 hour of fun and games
  • Event host/organiser
  • 10 goggles
  • Equipment is included
  • Bubbly
  • Squad photo
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