Glasgow 2 Course Meal

Trying to survive a stag weekend in Glasgow without a proper meal would be like climbing Everest without a guide. Or a rope. Or climbing shoes. Give yourselves a fighting chance of surviving until the end with a massive meal in one of the city's favourite bars!

This fantastic eatery is helpfully situated in the middle of a huge complex of clubs and bars - one of Glasgow's main nightlife areas and the gift that just keeps on giving for a stag weekend. Enjoy a menu of Yankee classics while you toast your best bud and plan the night ahead. First stop after you've eaten: 80s bar, for nostalgic choons and ladies in gold dresses. Excellent.

Veggies and meat eaters are taken care of with a selection of belting great burgers, pizzas, pulled pork sandwiches and burritos, plus non meat versions of popular main courses. We love the new vegetarian take this place has going on some of its most-ordered meals!

Oh, and there's a salted caramel sundae at the end of it all, which will redefine your ideas about pudding. Yumsk.

2 courses are ideal for the start of a stag weekend - enough food to energise, without filling up every ounce of beer space. Talking of which, craft brews abound in this bar. Welcome to Glasgow!

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