Gdansk Spa Day

Ain't no shame in a spa day! You're going to need a pick-me-up on a Gdansk stag weekend and there's no better place to get your head together than a spa. All that Polish beer, vodka and Goldwasser can make a chap feel a bit delicate. A spa day will sort you out way faster than a full English or couple of painkillers. The hen parties have it right on this front. Give your feet a rest from the cobbles for a couple of hours and escape to a nice little day spa we've discovered. You'll enjoy unlimited entrance to the spa, which has a pool, steam room and sauna in a tranquil setting. Transfers are included so you don't have the bother of finding it yourselves. Just get in the car and let the relaxation begin.

A spa day is the ultimate hangover activity for a Gdansk stag weekend. Let's face it; you're not going to want to do anything that requires much in the way of brains or physical effort the morning after a night in this little gem of a port city on the Baltic Coast. Spend some quality time at the spa, steam all the nasty stuff out of your system, boost the old circulation and just chill for a bit.

By the time you come out of the spa you'll be well on the road to recovery and ready to get back on the stag party merry-go-round.

In a nutshell:

  • Spa day for your Gdansk stag weekend
  • Unlimited entry
  • Pool, sauna, fitness suite
  • Towel supplied
  • Transfer
  • Guide (one way)

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